Pascal Data Objects

function TPDO.prepare_delete (const DeletionMethod: TDeletionMethod; const tablename: Ansistring; const condition: Ansistring = ''; const limit: longword = 0; const order: Ansistring = ''): IPDOStatement;

The TPDO.prepare_delete method is just like a TPDO.prepare_as_is method, except that it only prepares DELETE statements as a function of the database protocol that is being used. Currently, despite not yet having drivers for these servers, server-specific SQL can be produced for:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Firebird


The same as used by the TPDO.query_delete function

Return Values

TPDO.prepare_delete returns a IPDOStatement object.


Please see the examples on the TPDO.prepare_as_is and TPDO.query_delete pages.