Pascal Data Objects

function IPDOStatement.lastInsertId: Int64;

Returns the ID of the last inserted row, or the last value from a sequence object, depending on the underlying driver. This method would be normally used during database insertions using prepared statements.

Note: This method may not return a meaningful or consistent result across different PDO drivers, because the underlying database may not even support the notion of auto-increment fields or sequences.

Return Values

This function returns a string representing the row ID of the last row that was inserted into the database. If the PDO driver does not support this capability, TPDO.lastInsertID returns -1;


function show_last_id: Int64;
   sql: AnsiString;
   sql = 'INSERT INTO shopping_cart (item, cost) VALUES (:item, :cost)';
   stmt := db.prepare_as_is (sql);
   stmt.bindValue('item', 15);
   stmt.bindValue('cost', 24.99);
   Result := stmt.lastInsertId;